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If you want to contribute raw scan. We’re always looking for partnerships, advertising, suggestions.

Link was dead, can’t I request for re-upload ?

Yes, sure. But eefore sending re-upload requests, please check  Manga Raw Vault and Special Unsorted Raws to find  (Ctrl+F) if there already alternative links for download yet.

How would I made an custom requests ?

Just drop an comment bellow, we’ll try our best to help but no guarantee ;) (this is for hobby, not an professional service)

Why Rapidgator & Uploaded?

Another host doesn’t supporting Japanese text or they are not reliable enough, so you can get anUploaded or RAPIDGATOR premium account to have direct downloads without worrying link will be removed tomorrow.

I’d like to support this site, how to do so ?

If you got early raw scan of Jump, Magazine , Sunday…or another magazine, please share us. You would also supporting us paying the hosting fee by buying  premium account to got direct & full speed download (also with Uploaded, RawFiles or Ryushare) from our link so we’ll earn a small amount for affiliate, thank you all you guys.
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15 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hey, can you reupload for tokyo ghoul raw manga from volume 11 up to 14 because it has been deleted both in main page and raw vault page. Please tell me via email if you kindly grant my request. Thanks!

  2. i tried looking in Manga Raw Vaults and Special Unsorted Raws, but all the links of haikyuu raw manga are the same. It’s not available anymore :(

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